is the message to take away from Rubita’s latest single. Layered in crunchy guitar chords, bouncy keys and fat saxophone melodies, SEXY is a powerful pop/ska piece full of explosive flavour. 

From the indie rock single 'Let Me Know' to the silky gem of 'Take Me from Here', and the trip-hop tune of 'Cold South', 'Sexy' is Rubita's most dancy and upbeat track yet.

"We all have unique qualities that we aren't always proud of, but often those different qualities are what makes someone special and stand out amongst the crowd. This song was written when I realised one day that being original and confident in yourself is what makes someone truly sexy” - Rubita


Rubita’s interest in guitar was sparked when she watched the scene in ‘Back to the Future’ where Marty Mcfly blows everyone away with his talent playing an electric guitar. With an unstoppable determination to
be as good, Rubita started guitar lessons, and at age 16 she started song writing. 

For her final year of high school Rubita spent the year in Argentina on a school exchange. Engrossed in the passionate Latin culture and music, her music became enriched by these Latin American flavours. 


Her musical adventure went to new heights during her music degree at Otago University, where she studied electric guitar and played alongside successful musicians from the likes of ‘Soaked Oats’, ‘The Shambles’ and ‘Earth to Zena’. The student life in Otago inspired many of the songs which feature on the debut album.


Rubita was the first female to graduate with a Bachelor in Music, majoring in electric guitar in 2015.


She gained an abundance of performance skills during university, and soon decided to form 'Rubita' alongside other talented musicians in 2016. The band includes Luke Kibblewhite on Saxophone, Seth Clement on drums and Hon Man on bass, and together they released her first E.P ‘Brutal yet Dulce Soap’ the same year. The E.P was fine-tuned and perfected with the help of well-renowned producer Scott Newth, who has been heavily involved with Rubita's success. For the last 3 years she has been touring and working on her debut album ‘Distinctive Thrill’-  which is soon due to be released. Since moving to Wellington this year she has formed another Rubita Band with amazing local musicians Chris Moses on bass, Josh Brown on drums and Theo Sekeris on keys, flute and the accordion. 

@ rubitamusic

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